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We Are Inclusive & Work with Diverse Clients in Massachusetts

Family Law

Whether you are seeking legal advice from a knowledgeable family lawyer, need skilled mediation, or you have a complicated, stressful divorce requiring an attorney-at-law to represent you in court, we offer a wide range of services from consulting to full representation to address your unique needs.


We are inclusive and comprehensive in finding equitable solutions or change by representing a diverse set of clients. We also can advocate for families. Each client is treated as unique and we will work with you to understand your specific challenges and ensure your rights are represented fairly.

Child Support

A separation or divorce is difficult, but never more so than when your child’s well-being is involved. You need a lawyer who will also represent their rights. With a background in social work, family systems, juvenile law, and children with special needs, we are skilled advocates in child custody and child support cases.

Our Expertise

Family Law

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Separation, Mediation, Divorce, Alimony, Child Custody, Child Support – Dexter Law Group specializes in Family Law.

Children with Special Needs

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Having worked within the MA child welfare and mental health system for the past 20 years, Karen specializes in addressing the unique needs surrounding families with children who have special needs.

Child Support/Custody

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If you have children and are going through a divorce, you likely need to work out and negotiate child custody and child support.

Child Requiring Assistance

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With 20+ years of experience, we are knowledgeable in Massachusetts Child Requiring Assistance (CRA) requirements. We provide consultations and can support you in CRA cases.


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Dexter Law Group is inclusive, and we represent a diverse set of clients. There is no cookie-cutter approach. Each client and family is unique and we will work with you to understand your specific challenges and ensure your rights are represented.

Domestic Violence

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If you need legal help around issues of domestic violence, you have come to the right place. Dexter Law Group specializes in understanding the trauma faced and, unique challenges of survivors of domestic violence. You do not have to go through this alone.


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Going through a divorce is challenging and when you add in issues such as child support or alimony, you need a knowledgeable family lawyer to ensure your rights and needs are met.

Family Systems

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Karen’s clinical background is with children and families and is well versed in family systems. With insight into psychological and behavioral factors and family dynamics, Dexter Law Group is a safe and supportive environment for you and your family.

Legal Consultation

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We also provide legal consultations and are available to help address a variety of legal issues and questions.

My Approach

You are more than just a client. We treat everyone who comes to our office with respect and provide personalized services, guidance, and support. We walk you through this process.


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